About Us

Customer Focus - Global Capability

We believe that quality of execution is one of our distinguishing characteristics. We always over-deliver on our prime contracts. We only hire the best officers for a given position or contract and our customers have learned to expect this from Xebec.

We are entrepreneurial by nature

Xebec’s culture is defined by three key elements—entrepreneurism, quality of execution and opportunism. The three founding partners–Mark, Peter and Phil–started the company in early 2006 without a single employee. Today Xebec is closing in on 150 employees.

Xebec is an agile company with a thin and responsive management team. We outsource many overhead functions so we can focus on recruiting and placement. We provide close and continuing support for our people once they have embarked on a career with Xebec. Our lean management structure allows us to be nimble and responsive to customers and employees. We are always looking for new business areas and new contracts, as well as people who can help us with either one.

There is no limit on what we can do as a company and we are receptive to all ideas and introductions. Planning is good, but flawless execution and opportunistic growth are even better. If you bring us a new contract or initiate a new business area for the company, you will have the option to become the Program Manager with a profit-sharing arrangement. This model has proved to be very successful over the years and we encourage anyone with an idea to talk to us.

Like our eponymous logo, the xebec war ship, our company has a shallow draft in terms of overhead and decision-making. This allows the company to be highly maneuverable and optimized to carry out the missions of our customers.